Azure PaaS , FaaS, IaaS

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provides a managed hosting environment, where you can deploy your application without needing to manage VMs or networking resources. For example, instead of creating individual VMs, you specify an instance count, and the service will provision, configure, and manage the necessary resources. Azure App Service is an example of a PaaS service.

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Difference between Coder and Programmer

Coder .
You tell me what to do .
I copy whatever code to finish my job (make the run or fix error) .
Patterns ?Best Practice ? no, that is for interview ,I only get shit done and go home .
I only focus my task and get it done (may be fast).
Timeline is your business , and if project delayed , I have no shame but shame only on you–Project manager.

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Difference between Task and new Thread

Task: is way of doing async which is same like promose in javascript . internally it’s using ThreadPool to schedule the task .and manage some states to make async program easier (like consolidate exceptions ) . more important ,Task will try utilize the best of CPU to get the ‘task’ done .

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