Python AzureAD login, refreshtoken and call graph API


<br />{
"resource": "",
"tenant" : "{directory_id}",
"authorityHostUrl" : "",
"clientid" : "app_id",
"username" : "username",
"password" : "password"

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Speed up building software

To speed up software building .the most common way is reuse something ready.
there are ways to create reusable stuff .make high cohesion: create function, class ,use patterns , components … what happens is, (say want class reusable) sometimes the use case is not exactly same as last time when class been created or lets say the class is has not been created perfectly but can not change it now, and 85% codes are same ,only some thing (say project name, model name etc) are different .

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Difference between Coder and Programmer

Coder .
You tell me what to do .
I copy whatever code to finish my job (make the run or fix error) .
Patterns ?Best Practice ? no, that is for interview ,I only get shit done and go home .
I only focus my task and get it done (may be fast).
Timeline is your business , and if project delayed , I have no shame but shame only on you–Project manager.

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Something about Software Integration (1)

The Team

  • Developer, Developer , Developer , User.
  • Yes ,the most efficient way is to make sure development team hear from user ASAP , sit down with the user to BUILD it(not copy paste codes try and try with luck),test it, demo it. your team is not like that? It’s ok. Mine is not as well .as long as everyone in team is a technical learner ,at least can understand code. But why ?
  • requirement need to be translated into technical terms , estamation need the basic understanding about how to BUILD it .software grows up from business ,also need the knowledge in different stages. there are 3 main stages in modern softwares :
    — stage 1 :Running . Yes , it’s working well and being used by 1000-2000 users every day. how about 1 million ,10 million per second requests on server ?
    — stage 2 :Runing under high Concurrent. It’s a public facing internet product ,being used by millions users . how to make it smart ?
    — stage 3 :A Smart system. data is ready ,now it’s the time to add some machine learning features into system , prediction or catagorize . user will thank you .

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