Azure application architecture prototype

This article discuss a generic azure based software solution .

Gate. This could be a API Gateway or Proxy(forward for reverse) or balancer .the purpose could be multiple .centralization the nodes registration ,(AD) authentication, load balancing ,request filtering, reverse proxy , etc .the point is centralization the controlling nodes concerns :load ,security , cache, etc .

App Service . normally there are two roles(could be cluster) here :web API and MVC. for long time processing jobs ,could create some workers for those .

Message broker. Azure queue is very good option for doing this . could use for store the requests or some async tasks for worker polling and processing .

redis cache. all the read and system state .

sql server DB. separate the read and write db .read could also connected with 3rd party data source. master db is where app writting record .there is also a history db, use to store some archive database data .

blob storage. media data: image, files, video, audio, etc.

Azure table. event sourcing or some infra data .

CDN. static resource. html, css , js.

Notification. Azure notification hub.


I would consider this as a “prototype” solution for .net azure based application, the elements may change as business goes.

Author: lanliang


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