Difference between Coder and Programmer

Coder .
You tell me what to do .
I copy whatever code to finish my job (make the run or fix error) .
Patterns ?Best Practice ? no, that is for interview ,I only get shit done and go home .
I only focus my task and get it done (may be fast).
Timeline is your business , and if project delayed , I have no shame but shame only on you–Project manager.

Ownership ? sorry I only in charge of what you asked me to do .
I listen to music when I working to focus on what I am doing (if possible ,DONT disturb me). yes ,communication is needed ,please send me email or the link of JIRA ticket.
I only want to use the technology recently I like .
I only want to do the project I could learn something new .
I move alone .
I am a coder .

Programmer .
We can tell which feature could be done fast and more important .
We can tell you how many phases to go and what to put in this phase .
We have to make the cohesion/dependency of software in control, simplify the things where possible.
We will take the ownership of this project .Project delayed or failed we are all very shame.
We could get coding done under any circumstance and accept any discussion any time .
We understand what does that mean by BUILD it not only just move the code from there to here .
We keep agile manifesto in mind .
We automate my job where possible .
We keep track of new technology . keep learning .
We am adaptive to any language and any tools to get shit done.
We move together.
We are programmers .

Author: lanliang


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